Phsa Agreement
22. August 2023

PHSA Agreement: Understanding the partnership and its implications

A PHSA Agreement is a partnership between the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) and one or more smaller health care organizations. This partnership aims to improve health services delivery in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

The PHSA is responsible for providing specialized health services to British Columbians, including cancer care, mental health and substance use services, renal care, and other services across the province. It collaborates with other health care partners to achieve its mandate.

When an organization enters into a PHSA Agreement, it receives support from the PHSA in areas such as funding, human resources, and clinical support. In return, the smaller organization shares its expertise and resources to improve the delivery of care.

This partnership has several implications for the health care sector in British Columbia. It can lead to improved access to specialized services and expertise for patients across the province. It can also lead to cost savings and efficiencies by leveraging the expertise and resources of multiple partners.

However, the PHSA Agreement also requires careful planning and coordination to ensure that the partnership is effective and sustainable. This includes ensuring that the smaller organization has the necessary resources and capacity to meet its obligations under the agreement.

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